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About BioSmart Technologies

Biosmart Technologies was founded on the back of the highly successful global company, Universal Metering Limited, a company dedicated to providing the water industry with highly advanced prepayment water metering solutions.

Because of water shortage problems and the inherent difficulties of using chemicals faced by water utilities and municipal corporations, BioSmart has harnessed its ability to bring together a range of environmentally safe products that can bring decisive solutions for both the commercial and domestic markets in all walks of life.

At BioSmart Technologies our products are manufactured using specific strains of bacteria, which are chosen for their ability to work on or within a certain area.

Fundamentally, the primary task of BioSmart's products is to ultimately replace all chemicals that cause irresponsible damage to the environment. The complete premise of BioSmart Technologies's strategy is to harness the 'natural' substances of the planet and in doing so, help provide a more sustainable environment.

Mission Statement

BioSmart Technologies will deliver a professional product, on time, every time.

BioSmart Technologies is committed to improving the environment for customers and the communities that it serves.

Aims and Environmental Philosophy