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Pet Area Deodoriser - BioPet

BioPet is an innovative blend of natural, friendly microbes to deodorise pet areas. It contains a pleasant odour to mask smells and then bacteria and enzymes break down the cause of the smell to prevent long term problems.

A cat and dog on beddingThe Problem

Naturally occurring biological compounds are subject to "decay" and this process often emits pungent malodours, which create unpleasant working and living environments.

Conventional treatments for pet areas usually involve masking compounds, which, while providing temporary relief, attack the symptoms not the cause, and the malodours soon return.

The Product and Solution

BioPet, our pet area deodorising liquid is an innovative blend of natural friendly microbes, enzyme blockers and pleasant fragrance. The innovative enzyme blockers incorporated in this product mean that the odours are never given the chance to build.

Additionally, the microbes in the product go to work to prevent odours and also to breakdown the harmful compounds in urine into Carbon Dioxide and water.

The product can be used as a general and specific odour controller. The product prevents odours in several ways. Firstly, a pleasant fragrance gives an immediate mask to the problem. Then, almost immediately, an enzyme blocker starts its work.

This product works by preventing the build-up of uricase, which is extremely malodorous, as it has now become ammonia. Moreover, the product prevents the odour that emanates from the cat faeces.

The enzymes released by the microbes used do not harm animals and are not airborne.

Key product features

  • BioPet eliminates all malodours created from the pet urine
  • BioPet provides a pleasant fragrance to mask the initial problem
  • BioPet produces enzymes that attacks the uricase and using competitive exclusion deprives the bad bacteria from it’s food source
  • BioPet is simple to use and provides a long lasting solution
  • BioPet is environmentally friendly


BioPet liquid has several uses and these include, but are not limited to:

Cat Litter Deodorising

The product is dosed into clean cat litter. As the tray is used, the enzyme blocker prevents the odours occurring and then, the friendly bacteria further break down the odour causing compounds. At the same time, a catnip fragrance is applied, which effectively attracts the cat to the cat litter.

Small Animal Cage Deodorising

The product is dosed into the bedding of the cage or hutch. The ongoing action of the product prevents odours building up and longer term, breaks down the odour causing compounds.

To lengthen the period of use of the cat litter or bedding in a hutch, it is suggested that the cat or small animal faeces are removed and placed into a suitable area/container outside, which can then have BioPaws applied to it, allowing the complete degradation of the animal organic matter.

pdf logo Download the BioPet Pet Area Deodoriser Brochure

Usage Instructions

Using the trigger spray, spray liberally into the litter tray, bedding or hutch. This product may be used underneath or on top of the bedding / litter. A second spray dose may be required for particularly odorous pets. The product can then be dosed further times to further extend the life of the bedding or litter. Solid mass should always be removed and placed into an external container or hole for treatment with BioPaws.

Health & Safety

The Bacterial strains and active ingredients in this product are naturally occurring. You should always observe good housekeeping procedures with this product, which includes washing your hands after handling any animal or waste product. This product is not harmful to the environment. This product is NOT a personal hygiene product and should not be used for this purpose