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Pet Waste Digester - BioPaws

BioPaws, is a specialised biological treatment for degrading organic matter in domestic ‘pet loos’. The product contains ‘friendly’ bacterial strains that digest carbohydrates, vegetable material, fats, oils, greases and protein to keep the pet loo functioning correctly and reducing odours.

A dog waste binThe Problem

As the population grows throughout the world, the pet population also expands, which in turn, causes increasing problems associated with faeces disposal and urine odours.

Although these naturally occurring biological compounds are subject to "decay", this process takes time, and more often than not, are left in public places to create a health hazard. Moreover, the faeces emit pungent malodours, which create unpleasant working and living environments.

Conventional treatments for pet areas usually involve a variety of disposal processes or masking compounds, which, while providing temporary relief, attack the symptoms not the cause, and the malodours soon return and the faeces remain in a semi decomposed state.

The Product and Solution

BioPaws, is a specialised biological treatment for degrading organic matter in domestic ‘pet loos’.

The product contains facultative anaerobic bacterial strains (which means that the product will work in the low oxygen conditions associated with this application) that digest carbohydrates, vegetable material, fats, oils, greases and protein.

These specialised strains accelerate the breakdown of organic matter, and correspondingly reduce sludge build-up.

Regular use of BioPaws will keep the pet loo functioning correctly.

The product then works even further in the longer term, by degrading the materials that cause the odours, and thereby, eliminate the source of the problem.

Key product features

  • BioPaws digests all organic matter and provides a ‘final solution’ to pet waste problems
  • BioPaws eliminates all malodours created from the pet urine
  • BioPaws provides a pleasant fragrance to mask the initial problem
  • BioPaws attacks the uricase and using competitive exclusion deprives the bad bacteria from it’s food source
  • BioPaws is simple to use and provides a long lasting solution
  • BioPaws is safe for all animals and is environmentally friendly

pdf logo Download the BioPaws Pet Waste Digester Brochure

Usage Instructions

BioPaws is easy to use, as it can be applied in a variety of receptacles ranging from the basic hole in the ground, the adaptation of a large plant pot, to the more sophisticated and specially designed pet waste box. The number and size of the pets will determine the size of the container to be used.

Whatever receptacle is used, the pet loo should be placed in the ground and then filled with water (approximately 3 litres) .

Mix 4 tablespoons (20ml) of BioPaws to the water, stir and then ensure all waste is covered with water.

Every week thereafter, mix 2 tablespoons (10ml) of BioPaws to a further half litre of water and add to the system.

After 4 - 6 weeks flush the system with fresh water and re-start the process again.

If should be noted that if the pet is taking antibiotics do not add this pet waste to the pet loo, as it will stop the decomposition.

Health & Safety

The Bacterial strains and active ingredients in this product are naturally occurring. You should always observe good housekeeping procedures with this product, which includes washing your hands after handling any animal or waste product. This product is not harmful to the environment, is nonflammable, biodegradable, non-toxic and completely safe when used as directed. Keep away from drinking water and foodstuffs. For best results, store the product in a cool, dry place.