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Multi-Functional Deodorizer - BioSafe

BioSafe is formulated to eliminate odours caused by body fluids and waste. Friendly bacteria are specially selected to produce enzymes that digest organic waste, breaking down and removing the source of bad smells. BioSafe can be used on furniture and clothes and is environmentally friendly.

View of a hospita lor elderly care homeThe Problem

We are all aware that incidents of various forms take place on a regular basis and unfortunately, the consequences of these accidents is that the area affected produces bad odours and generally, an unhygienic environment.

Up until recently, most of these occurrences, such as urinal and human waste deposits, spilt milk, vomit and other unpleasant occurrences have had to be solved by the application of chemicals, but usually, still do not clear the lingering effect of the bad smell that is present. Furthermore, whilst this may affect the general communal area, the same events take place in other locations and these are also affected by smoking, which permeate not only to the carpets but all the furnishings within the immediate area.

The Product and Solution

BioSafe is a revolutionary product that contains a blend of FIVE different technologies, resulting in a product designed to destroy and eliminate odours. BioSafe is not only formulated to eliminate odours caused by body fluids and waste, but is also, very effective on any organic odour source. The bacteria are specially selected strains of bacillus, which produces enzymes to digest organic soils, greases and malodours. Simplified, this means that the bacteria releases enzymes, which breakdown the source of the smells.

Key product features

  • BioSafe is the most effective product ever developed for odour control
  • BioSafe is safe to use on all surfaces and is harmless to human, animal and aquatic life
  • BioSafe can be used to clean both hard and soft surfaces and is particularly useful for treating carpets, flooring and upholstery in Care Homes and Nursing Homes, where urine and other soils need to be removed and the odours controlled. For more demanding cleaning requirements, you should use BioSmart’s BioClean
  • BioSafe can be used on all furnishings and clothes where necessary
  • BioSafe is an environmentally friendly product and the bacteria are naturally occurring and have been selectively grown to enhance their production of specific enzymes.

Areas of Application

Hospitals, Palliative Care, Schools, Universities, Health Clubs, Restaurants, Bars and Hospitality.

pdf logo Download the BioSafe Multi-Functional Deodorizer Brochure

Usage Instructions

Bio-Safe is initially supplied as a concentrate and can be used neat or diluted to up to 1:10 (i.e. 90ml concentrate to 910ml water), which would be suitable for most applications. Apply to the contaminated area, or surface with a trigger sprayer but for urine etc and any solid matter, you should blot the relevant area with the undiluted concentrate.

For larger areas, they should be treated using a mop and bucket, in accordance with the above dilution formula.

Do not rinse after application and allow to air dry. BioSafe has residual deodorizing activity that continues to work on re-occurring odour sources and therefore, leave for best effect.

If required, remove as much heavy soiling as possible prior to deodorizing. If area is stained and cleaning is required, an application of BioClean is recommended.

For floors use the same dilution formula as above.

For carpet & upholstery / Carpet and soft furnishings / clothes, test a small area for colour fastness prior to use. Spray on using a dilution of 1:10 (i.e. 90ml concentrate to 910ml water) and allow time to clean. Rub with a sponge and warm water and keep soiled area damp for at least 1 hour.

Health & Safety

BioSafe is not regarded as a health or environmental hazard under current legislation. The bacteria present is based on ‘naturally occurring’ strains and is completely safe for humans and animals. Nevertheless, prolonged or repeated contact with the concentrate could cause a skin irritation, so the use of impermeable gloves are recommended.