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Multi Surface Sanitizer - BioCidal

BioCidal is a natural cleaning product that combines eco-friendly plant derived surfactants with natural fermentation to produce an effective disinfectant for kitchen surfaces.

A sanitized kitchen surfaceThe Problem

In all kitchens, the by-product of cooking has always been the dreaded generation of oil, fats and greases and regardless how diligent one is, the food preparation surfaces are an area for constant contamination.

Invariably, the usual course of action has been to apply a choice of toxic chemical or a sweet smelling fragrance, with the result that the bad bacteria are never really eliminated.

Recent studies have revealed that the amount of bugs left of kitchen work surfaces, even after cleaning, have reached a staggering quantity of literally, ‘millions’.

The Product and Solution

BioCidal is a naturally derived cleaning product, which combines ‘eco-friendly’ plant derived surfactants with natural fermentation products to produce an effective “biocide”.

This complex natural blend within the product effectively eradicates and kills all germs/bugs (bad bacteria) that are present on the kitchen work surface, ensuring a trouble free environment.

Key product features

  • Naturally derived from the environment
  • Ready to use
  • Kills 99.999% of bacteria
  • Non-Toxic, safe to use and environmentally friendly
  • Approved to EN1276 and EN13697
  • Actively supported under the BioCidal Products Directive (BPD) for:
    • The disinfection of surfaces and furniture in private, public and industrial areas, including hospitals.
    • The disinfection of equipment, containers, consumption utensils, surfaces or pipe work associated with the production, transport, storage or consumption of food, feed or drink for humans and animals.
    • Veterinary hygiene purposes in areas in which animals are housed, kept or transported.

pdf logo Download the BioCidal Multi Surface Sanitizer Brochure

Usage Instructions

Apply the product neat  (i.e. do not dilute). This product maybe applied at any time, but for optimum results, trigger spray liberally and leave for 5 minutes.  Rinse if required.

Health & Safety

BioCidal, the “Natural Disinfectant” should be handled under good house keeping practices. Please wash hands after use. BioCidal is non-flammable, biodegradable, non-toxic and when used as directed, is completely safe. For best results store product in a cool, dry place.