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Cooker Hood Grease Degrader - BioGrease

BioGrease removes grease, oil, fats and dirt from cooker hoods. The product has been formulated to quickly cut through the toughest of organic matter by using an environmentally friendly blend of enzymes and ‘friendly’ bacteria.

A cooker hoodThe Problem

Whether in a kitchen at home or at work, there is nothing more displeasing than encountering a greasy cooker hood that has not been cleaned. Although odours from kitchen bins and grease traps are relatively easy to identify, more often than not, the cooker hood is often ignored and difficult to clean.

Nevertheless, cooker hoods have historically used cleaning solutions, which resulted in the application of unfriendly chemicals but if left uncleaned, it can become a haven for bad bacteria, which potentially would result in the kitchen being closed or worse still, affecting those in close proximity.

The Product and Solution

BioGrease contains a concentrated enzymatic blend for removing grease, oil, fats and dirt from cooker hoods.

The product has been formulated to quickly cut through the toughest of organic matter, on account of the wetting, penetrating and anti-re-depositing properties of the surfactant system.

Additionally, BioGrease uniquely contains enzymes to break down the substrate into manageable, digestible molecules for the enzymes to degrade.

As a result of the high dilution rate and advanced enzymatic combination, it makes this non-flammable product an excellent choice for all round cooker hood cleaning.

BioGrease complies with the biodegradability criteria as laid down in Regulation (EC) 648/2004.

Key product features

  • BioGrease contains a high level of enzymes, which ensures degradation of all organic matter, including greases, oils, fats and dirt
  • BioGrease is readily biodegradable, non flammable and non toxic
  • BioGrease is entirely friendly to the environment
  • BioGrease ensures trouble free and clean cooker hoods

pdf logo Download the BioGrease Cooker Hood Grease Degrader Brochure

Usage Instructions

  1. Rinse area to be cleaned, with plenty of water to loosen dirt and grease
  2. Dilute the product in the following format: for heavy duty degreasing dilute 1:10 (i.e. 90ml concentrate to 910ml water) to 1:30 (i.e. 32ml concentrate to 968ml water) parts water. For lighter soiling and general cleaning dilute 1:300 (i.e. 4ml concentrate to 996ml water) parts water
  3. After dilution spray on cooker hood paying particular attention to stubborn spots and then allow time to work.
  4. Rub down with the sponge or hard brush
  5. Rinse off with a jet of water

Health & Safety

Avoid contact with eyes and in the event that contact is made, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek immediate medical advice. The product is harmful if swallowed. Avoid inhalation of the fine spray, as this may cause allergic type reactions. For best results store product in a cool, dry place.