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Toilet Treatment for Trains & Coaches - BioTrans

BioTrans combines friendly bacteria and enzymes to clean train and coach toilets. Specially selected bacterial strains digest organic matter, such as toilet paper and solid waste, reducing odours and waste.

A train toiletThe Problem

The provision of toilets on trains and coaches has now become an essential requirement for passengers. Inevitably, there is nothing more displeasing than encountering an unpleasant odour when entering the toilet area. Historically, the answer to this problem has been the application of toxic chemicals, with the subsequent consequences it brings to the environment.

The Product and Solution

BioTrans combines biodegradable surfactants for cleaning the toilet environment and specially selected bacterial strains, which digest organic matter.

The product contains those bacterial strains, which target cellulose based matter, such as toilet paper and faecal matter. Thus, when the organic matter is deposited, the nonpathogenic microbes in BioTrans multiply rapidly and in doing so, eliminate the food source of the much slower growing pathogenic bacteria, with the result of stopping the formation and subsequent malodour.

BioTrans is readily biodegradable, non-flammable and nontoxic. The surfactants contained in the product comply with the biodegradability criteria as laid down in Regulation (EC) 648/2004.

Key product features

  • Production of high levels of multiple enzymes, providing degradation of organic matter
  • BioTrans eliminates offensive odours
  • BioTrans reduces sludge build-up
  • BioTrans digests all organic matter, including cellulose based material, such as toilet paper and faeces
  • BioTrans is biodegradable, non-flammable and non-toxic
  • BioTrans is entirely friendly to the environment

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Usage Instructions

On first use of BioTrans, the holding tank should be emptied and cleaned to remove any chemicals.

Dose the holding tank at a rate of 1 sachet every one to two days, dependant on usage.

Ordinarily, the 40g sachets should be flushed down the toilet, which ensures they go directly into the holding tank. If this is not possible, the sachets should be applied directly into the tank.

The above process should be repeated after the emptying of the tank.

Health & Safety

The product concentrate can be irritating to the eyes and therefore, contact should be avoided. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. BioTrans should be handled under good house keeping practices. The product contains naturally occurring non-pathogenic microbes. Therefore, wash hands after use and keep the product away from drinking water and foodstuffs. BioTrans is non-flammable, biodegradable, non-toxic and when used as directed, completely safe. For best results, store product in a cool, dry place.