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Marine Sewage Tank Treatment - BioMarine

BioMarine is a specialised bacterial formula, which has been developed to treat toilet waste on cruise and cargos ships without using chemicals like formaldehyde.

A cargo vessel, a typical application for BioMarineThe Problem

Most cruise ships and for that matter, modern day cargo vessels are at sea for long periods of time and have to be equipped to cater for significant toilet requirements.

Unfortunately, most of these conventional problem solvers are based on formaldehyde solutions, which cause detrimental affects to the environment, as well as the ship itself.

Not only is the application of formaldehyde very expensive, the formaldehyde is now classified as a probable human carcinogen, which only adds to the overall cost of disposal. Moreover, as formaldehyde is a preservative it does nothing to help break down the organic matter and corresponding sludge build-up.

Furthermore, it is likely that formaldehyde will become completely illegal to use and thus, a more effective alternative should be sought.

The Product and Solution

BioMarine is a very specialised bacterial formula, which has been developed with the environment in mind. The product is a highly natural solution for portable waste and odour control. The product has a unique blend of microbes that work continuously to reduce the accumulation of solid waste and odours.

The good bacteria that is deployed is uses good enzymes that essentially out perform the bad bacteria for the food source, which are the things that cause the smells and stains. Enzymes such as amylase, protease, lipase and cellulose, biodegrade most of the solids found in the tanks and liquefy the remaining solids for easy pumping.

Not only does BioMarine contain an extremely effective blend of good bacteria, which degrades all the body fats and liquids, but also, eliminates the malodours at source, and stops the build-up of uric scale.

Key product features

  • BioMarine stops the need to use harsh, abrasive chemicals that cause damage to the environment
  • BioMarine controls unpleasant odours that emanate from urine spills, etc.
  • Supplied in a concentrate format but easy to dilute with water when required
  • BioMarine is completely biodegradable
  • BioMarine works well in conjunction with our Marine Heads Cleaner product

pdf logo Download the BioMarine Marine Sewage Tank Treatment Brochure

Usage Instructions

Apply a minimum dosage of 200ml concentrate into the tank per day. Vessels with long pipe runs should also have an additional dose added of 50 ml concentrate per 10 metres of pipe.

Health & Safety

The BioMarine concentrate is irritating to eyes and therefore, contact with eyes should be avoided, as it may produce an allergic reaction. However, it should be noted that these statements do not apply to the ‘ready-to-use’ treatment, as the product contains naturally occurring non-pathogenic bacterial cultures and enzymes, and is biodegradable, non-toxic and totally safe, when used as directed. For best results store product in a cool, dry place.