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Kitchen Waste Deodoriser - BioBin

BioBin contains a unique blend of bacteria and enzymes that eliminate bad odours from kitchen and waste bins. BioBin is natural, environmentally friendly and removes the need for chemicals.

Kitchen and Waste BinsThe Problem

Whether in a kitchen, at home or at work, there is nothing more displeasing than encountering an unpleasant odour when entering the kitchen area.

Although relatively easy to identify, the solution has usually resulted in the application of unfriendly chemicals but if left untouched can become a serious health hazard to those in close proximity.

BioSmart’s Technology and General Principles

BioSmart’s bacterial technology completely centres around the application of “Enzymes”, which, simply put, are‘biological digesters’. Enzymes work by breaking apart large complex compounds, known as ‘substrates’, i.e. rotting food, into smaller compounds more easily absorbed by the bacteria. Each Enzyme is designed to unlock and breakdown a specific food source and therefore, a specific bacteria is required to produce the required enzyme and this is true of BioBin.

The Product and Solution

BioBin contains a unique blend of odour eliminating ingredients. The product is an effective, enzymatic preparation for breaking down protein-based deposits in bins. By utilising ‘competitive exclusion’, the product blocks the growth of pathogenic odour creating bacteria.

Thus, when the food spoils, the non-pathogenic microbes in BioBin multiply very rapidly and in doing so, eliminate the food source of the much slower growing pathogenic bacteria, with the result of stopping their formation and subsequent malodour.

BioBin complies with the biodegradability criteria as laid down in regulation (EC) 648/2004.

Key product features

  • Elimination of malodours
  • Production of high level multi enzymes, providing degradation capabilities of organic matter
  • BioBin is readily biodegradable, non flammable and non toxic
  • BioBin is entirely friendly to the environment

pdf logo Download the BioBin Kitchen Waste Deodoriser Brochure

Usage Instructions

For Kitchen Food Bins

Spray liberally into the bin bag (if used) at the start of use and repeat during the use of the bag, or bin at appropriate intervals. Prior to sealing the bag spray liberally and then transfer to outside waste bins.

For Waste Bins

Spray liberally into the empty bins, prior to use. Once waste bin is full and has been emptied, repeat process.

Health & Safety

BioBin contains enzymes and therefore, the product should be handled under good house keeping practices. Avoid breathing the product spray, wash hands after use and keep away from drinking water sources. For best results, store in a cool, dry place.