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Landfill Waste Treatment - BioFil

BioFil Waste Treatment Concentrate is the biological answer to offensive odours, which are caused by landfill sites and other large volumes of rubbish.

A landfil waste areaThe Problem

Landfill sites are subject to high levels of complaints from residents within the area, due to extremely bad odours that permeate across all boundaries.

Although most landfill sites use chemical neutralizers on a daily basis, the sheer volume of waste deposited continuously reinforces the perpetual malodour, which is created by the bad bacteria that is present.

Typically, an average landfill site, which takes 120 metric tons of municipal bio-waste may require over 400 - 500 litres of chemicals per day and even so, can still not gain control over the unpleasant smells that are generated.

The Product and Solution

The BioSmart BioFil Waste Treatment Concentrate is the biological answer to offensive odours.

This specialised biological treatment contains a number of important ingredients, as follows:

With these very significant factors, the breakdown of waste material is considerably accelerated and offensive odours are greatly reduced.

Our strains of bacteria will digest the organic matter in the landfill and will out-compete the bacteria producing the bad odour.

The continuous daily spraying on fresh waste will make bad odours a thing of the past and will improve customer relations within a very short period of time.

In fact, in most environments, the effectiveness of BioFil will produce the desired results within 5 to 10 days and will without doubt, ensure that the landfill site operator does not have to face the usual fine for ‘malodours’.

Key product features

  • Eradicates all malodours
  • BioFil is a fast working biological solution of good bacteria that digests all the organic waste that is present
  • Besides providing an effective control over the odour, BioFil contains a natural fly repellent
  • BioFil will ensure that costs are contained and space with the landfill is maximised, which will result in a minimum of 30% extra fill
  • BioFil is simple, effective and completely environmentally friendly

Case Studies

If you require examples (case studies) of where our products have been used, would you please email us at:-

pdf logo Download the BioFil Landfill Waste Treatment Brochure

Usage instructions

The product is supplied as a concentrate and may be applied by sprayer for optimum affect, but ideally a ‘Bowser’ should undertake the dosing application.

The initial ‘seeding’ should be made at a rate of 5 litres of concentrated fluid per acre (equal to 1000 litres of diluted product per acre), with an ongoing dose of 50ml of concentrate (10 litres diluted) per tonne of waste coming into the site and spread across the area where the waste has been deposited.

For maximum effectiveness, it is suggested that the whole landfill site be dosed initially and any subsequent new waste, dosed individually before it is added to the site.

It is probable that to ensure an odour free environment 20 litres of BioFil per day will be required for the average landfill waste site, but of course, an initial survey to calculate the area should be undertaken.

Health & Safety

The BioSmart concentrate is irritating to eyes and therefore, contact with eyes should be avoided, as it may produce an allergic reaction.

However, it should be noted that these statements do not apply to the ‘ready-to-use’ treatment, as the product contains naturally occurring non-pathogenic bacterial cultures and enzymes, and is biodegradable, non-toxic and totally safe, when used as directed. For best results store product in a cool, dry place.