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Decking & Garden Furniture Cleaner - BioSurface

BioSurface is a high performance garden surface cleaner that quickly removes dirt, algae, mould, stains and restores most garden surfaces to almost an original condition. It combines natural plant extracts and a fresh fragrance to clean without using toxic or caustic chemicals.

Garden DeckingThe Problem

We all know how unsightly and unhygienic outside furnishings can become but perhaps, most importantly, the damage that can be caused in the long term, if left unattended or untreated.

Many solutions have usually surrounded the use of toxic chemicals and those that have claimed an organic base, have been seen as nothing more than a sweet smelling fragrance.

The Product and Solution

BioSurface is a high performance garden furniture cleaner and has a specialised natural, cleaning blend of ingredients. The product quickly removes dirt, algae, mould, stains and restores most garden surfaces to almost an original condition. It effectively combines natural plant extracts, fresh fragrance, organic acid and biodegradable surfactants. BioSurface is the naturally effective way to clean without using toxic and caustic chemicals.

Key product features

  • BioSurface removes dirt, algae and stains from garden furniture, decking, fences, sheds, green houses, patio and paving
  • BioSurface eliminates the need to use toxic chemicals
  • BioSurface provides a sweet smelling fragrance
  • BioSurface is easily applied for a high performance finish

pdf logo Download the BioSurface Decking & Garden Furniture Cleaner Brochure

Usage Instructions

  1. Rinse area to be cleaned with plenty of water to help loosen dirt and any algae growth
  2. Use product neat i.e. do not dilute
  3. Trigger spray garden furniture, paying particular attention to stubborn spots and allow time to clean
  4. Rub with a stiff brush
  5. Rinse off with a sharp stream of water
  6. For larger areas, such as decking / patio’s apply a liberal measure of concentrate into a bucket and apply to surface using a mop or brush. Leave for a time and then rinse off

Health & Safety

When used as directed, BioSurface is safe to use, safe for the environment, non-flammable and readily biodegradable. The surfactants contained in this preparation comply with the biodegradability criteria as laid down in Regulation (EC) 648/2004. The product is safe to use but good house keeping practice should always be used. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek immediate medical advice. Wash hands after use and avoid contact with drinking water sources. For best results, store product in a cool, dry place.