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Biological glossary

Are starch reducers, which are excellent at breaking down the starch produced from potato products or pasta. BioOGF Plus is an excellent producer of amylase in its formulation.
Biological Oxygen Demand: A measure of the biodegradability of the effluent. The higher the value, the more Oxygen needed to break this down. Oxygen has to be produced at the water treatment plant over time to carry out this processing and this costs time and money, which is passed onto the customer. BOD as a general rule, tends to be at a ratio of 3 : 1 versus COD. With the introduction of a Biological dosing system, the BOD will go up before it comes down, bringing the COD with it.
Will break down cellulose and is reasonably effective on toilet paper in septic systems. However, in the base product, the bugs are not designed to produce large amounts of cellulose and if paper reduction is required, a more specific solution is needed.
Chemical Oxygen Demand: A measure of total strength of the effluent. The total strength includes Chemicals, Biological Elements, Organics, Inorganics, Solids etc. Again, the water treatment works have to produce the oxygen to break the effluent down. The higher the value, the more time it takes to break down and the more it costs. A biological dosing system can reduce the COD by up to 60 %.
Consent to Discharge
Legal permission from the Environment Agency to discharge effluent into mains or direct into rivers. Not applicable to all establishments, but generally based on volume and nature of effluent, measured on, among other things, B.O.D and C.O.D. These limits are enforced with heavy fines.
Waste water from the Water Network.
Mixing of two mediums to form a uniform “soup”, which can then be flushed away.
Enzymes work by breaking apart large, complex compounds (substrates) into smaller, more readily absorbed nutrients that the bacteria can absorb. Each enzyme is designed to unlock and beak down a specific food source.
Is essential in degrading grease. Lipase digests fats oils and grease. All of the strains in BioSmart BioOGF are excellent lipase producers. If lipase is not present, then the product will not break down grease.
Microscopic, single cell life form.
Are protein reducers and will break down things, like egg, meat, cheese, milk and other proteins. There is a very good producer of protease in BioOGF.
As the name suggests, uricase will break down urine and is particularly effective in the BioSmart Urinal Puck.